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document Export Mailbox from mailstore to outlook
07 Oct, 2016
document Bulk restoration of archived email using MailStore desktop client
In order to restore all archived emails for any email id, follow the steps as mention bellow - Install MailStore Desktop Client on a Window 7 / 8 /10 Desktop System. Download the Mailstore Client from the following link -...
03 Sep, 2015
document Search and Restore Emails through Mailstore Outlook Plugin
Restoring Emails To restore an archived email which is no longer in your mailbox to Outlook, please proceed as follows: Locate the email within the archive and open it. In the MailStore Outlook Add-in, click on Restore Message. Drag and drop the...
11 Aug, 2015
document Web based user login
Mail Store Web Access makes the archive accessible through an internet browser. This way, important functions such as browsing and viewing archived emails can be made available under any system and without having to install additional software. An installation of Mail Store Client on the user...
08 Aug, 2015
document MailStore Outlook plugin installation guide
Prerequisites To start the installation process download outlook Add-in from this link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108165640/Mailstore/EmailArchiveOutlookAddinSetup- Double click on setup file (EmailArchiveOutlookAddinSetup- Step:1 Click on install ...
07 Aug, 2015
document Admin Login and User Creation
Logging on as Administrator Start the MailStore Client application. Give the server name in the server name field. The access credentials (username/password: admin) required for a newly-installed MailStore Server show up automatically in the login window. Click OK...
31 Jul, 2015