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document Install FTP in Jelastic
 To create FTP application the must thing is you should have an IP address associated with that particular instance. To add FTP click on Add-ons symbol and then click the install button.  Need to confirm the Installation in the Dialog box as shown below, once you the installation...
18 Aug, 2017
document How to bind custom domain via CNAME or A record
How to bind custom domain via CNAME 1. Log in to your domain registrar and add canonical name (CNAME) for the preliminary bought external domain so it points to your Jelastic environment (env_name.{hoster_domain}). www.diademtest.com       CNAME   ...
14 Aug, 2017
document How to create a clone of your Jelastic environment
1. Log in to your Jelastic dashboard, and press the Clone Environment button on the environment that you wish to clone. 2. Enter a environment name for the new clone of your environment, and click Clone to start the process. Note: It takes several minutes for the cloning process to be...
01 Aug, 2017
document How to upgrade your trial account to a paid account in Jelastic
These step-by-step instruction shows you how to upgrade your trial jelastic account, refill balance and check your billing history. Upgrade your trial Jelastic account 1. Login to the Jelastic Dashboard and click the Upgrade trial account button to get started. ...
01 Aug, 2017
document Deploying Python with SQLite in Jelastic.
Login to your Jelastic  panel with respective user name and password, kindly use the given below link is for quick reference to login to diadem jelastic panel. Login URL: https://app.diadem.io/  Create New Environment: Click on create new environment to create python...
31 Jul, 2017
document Setting Up a Cronjob in Jelastic Cloud
Cronjob allows you to configure regularly scheduled tasks so that the jobs can be run automatically at a pre-set point of time. 1. Navigate to your application server configuration directory from config icon of your Apache instance. 2. In the config tab navigate to the cron folder and open...
31 Jul, 2017
document SSH Access to a Jelastic Account
1. Open the Jelastic dashboard and navigate the toolbar options of perticular Instance. 2. Click the Settings button from Instance. From Instance -> Settings OR From Accounts Settings In the opened Account settings tab, navigate to the SSH Keychain -> Public -> Add Public...
31 Jul, 2017
document Signup and Familiarize with Jelastic Environment
Open https://diadem.in/jelastic-paas-india/ and from the drop down click on sign up as shown in the given below image enter the email address in the respective fields, after signup received a notification mail for further process of signup. From the notification mail I created the password...
31 Jul, 2017
document Install applications from Marketplace at Jelastic
With the help of Jelastic Packaging Standard we’ve packaged the most popular and requested applications, previously configured in the most beneficial way. These applications can be automatically installed directly from the dashboard, skipping many steps of manual deployment, or from our...
29 Jul, 2017
document Install Magento into Jelastic
Magento is an extremely popular open source e-commerce service powered by PHP. It provides a flexible modular architecture enhanced with agile ecosystem to continually adapt, customize and extend your platform. This tutorial shows how to deploy a Magento application into Jelastic Cloud manually or...
29 Jul, 2017
document How to deploy WordPress manually under project at Jelastic
Create the environment After log-in to the panel a new environment has been created from the option ‘NEW ENVIRONMENT’.   Environment Topology for installing wordpress Apache application server PHP version – 7.1.0 MySQL version – 5.7 or MariaDB   In a...
29 Jul, 2017
document Deploying node.js in Jelastic
we need to login to the Jelastic control panel, once logged in we can created a new environment. as  shown in the below given picture.   I have deployed a basic node.js without any load balancing and sql server, in the above picture I have marked the specific places which needs...
28 Jul, 2017