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Admin Login and User Creation

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Last updated: 03 Sep, 2015
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Logging on as Administrator

  • Start the MailStore Client application.
  • Give the server name in the server name field.

  • The access credentials (username/password: admin) required for a newly-installed MailStore Server show up automatically in the login window.
  • Click OK to log on.
  • When you log on for the first time, you may need to confirm that MailStore Server is a trusted host.
  • Again, click OK here.

Create Users

  • It may be more economical to synchronize users with a directory service rather than creating them manually,depending on your system environment. In addition to Active Directory and generic LDAP support, MailStore Server also enables you to synchronize users from MDaemon, Kerio Connect and IceWarp mail servers. By means of the generic Application Integration, user can also be synchronized with your own backend.
  • If your initial archiving needs only encompass a single mailbox or email files (such as a PST file), manual user creation is entirely adequate.

Option 1: Synchronize Users

To set up synchronization with a directory service in MailStore Server, proceed as follows:

  • Click Administrative Tools > Users and Privileges > Directory Services.
  • Change the Directory Services Type to the directory service that matches your environment.
  • Next, enter the required settings for the selected Directory Services Type. In-depth descriptions of these settings are provided in the MailStore Server help section.
  • Optional: Click Default Privileges... to view and specify privileges for new users provided from directory service.
  • To test your entries, click Test Settings and check the results.
  • To synchronize, and thereby create the users, click Synchronize Now.

Hint: Some archiving profiles provide a Synchronize with directory service before archiving option, which can be used to ensure that MailStore synchronizes users and their properties regularly.

Option 2: Create Users Manually


To create users manually, proceed as follows:

  • Click Administrative Tools > Users and Privileges > Users.
  • Click Create New.
  • Enter a user name for the new user and confirm with OK.
  •  In the next window, enter the full user name and click the Password... button to specify a MailStore password for the new user.
  • Click OK to apply the settings and exit the User Properties.

Note: Manually-created users are permitted to archive email by default.

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