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Automated website copying in Plesk 12

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Last updated: 01 Aug, 2017
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  • Log in to the Plesk Control Panel

  • Go to the Websites & Domains and click the name of the website you want to copy, then select Website Copying.

  • Select the Website option and choose the destination site name.

  • You can either keep or delete any existing files on the destination server before copying them, but please note that if there are any files with the same name on the destination server they will always be overwritten.

  • If you want to use a FTP account on another server, you can use the FTP storage option. Specify the server's host name and credentials for connecting to the FTP account.

  • Use the Active mode option in the FTP connection method field. If you can't manage to connect to the external FTP account, try again with the Passive mode enabled.

  • Done


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