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Configure POP3 / SMTP settings in Outlook 2013 with SSL Support

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Last updated: 29 Dec, 2016
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1.  At first go the FILE click on Add Account button then click on radio button named Manual setup or additional server types

2. After that select radio button POP or IMAP and click on Next button. 

3. Then put the information as described below. 

A . Display Name (displayed to other people)

B . Email address (Your mail address ex: example@domain.tld)

C. Put server host name where your mail service is hosted (You can find it in mail,  we have send to you at time of hosting or by run some command on CMD first run ping mail.domain name then copy the IP address and run command nslookup Ip address as  shown below). 


Ping mail.diadem.co.in
You get the server host name zimbra.diademtech.in

D. The outgoing mail server is same as incoming mail server. 

E. Your full mail address (example@domain.tld)

F. Put the password you have set at the time of mail-id creation and click on MoreSettings.  

4. In more settings go to the Outgoing server tab and make a tick on the check box named My outgoing server (SMTP)requires authentication. 

5. In Advanced tab tick on check box named this server requires an encrypted connection for incoming server (pop3)and change outgoing server port to 465 and set encryption type to SSL. Then set leave a copy option accordingly and click on OK button.

 All set now you can use an encrypted connection for sending and receiving mails. 

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