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Create Auto reply, Email alias, Email forwarder, and Failed login policy on zimbra 8.

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Last updated: 03 Mar, 2015
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Log in to your zimbra admin panel to manage Auto reply, Email forwarder, Email alias and Failed login policy.

Create Auto reply

  •  Login to your zimbra admin panel and click on Manage

  •  Now choose the option Accounts and double click on the email id you want to create auto reply.

  • Now choose the option Preferences and put a check on Send auto-reply message.
  •  Now type your message on the away message box.
  • Finally click on Save to save your changes.

Email Alias

  • Now to create an email alias choose the option Aliases and click on Add.

  • Now put the email user name and your domain name that is your full email id.

Email Forwarder

  • To create email forwarder choose the option  Forwarding then put the email id in the User-specified forwarding addresses.
  • Now click on Add to complete the email forwarder.
  • Finally click on Save to save your changes.


Failed login policy

  • Now put a preferred number of consecutive logins failed on Number of consecutive failed logins allowed field.
  • Select the time you want to lockout the account.
  • Finally click on Save to save your changes.
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