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Create an Address Book in Roundcube webmail.

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Last updated: 07 Aug, 2017
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Create an Address Book in Roundcube webmail.

Step: 01

1. For creating an Address Book, please login to the webmail.

Step: 02

2. Now select the Address Book option.

Step: 03

3. Now you have to import the *.vcf file, where the email id will be enlisted.

Step: 04

4. Now press Browse option for importing the *.vcf file.

5. Then select Import.

Step: 05

6. Please select Done.

Step: 06

7. Here you can find all email ids imported in the Address Book.

Step: 07

8. Now click on Compose to create a new email, then type the name in the Recipient or CC/BCC field. A pop-up will arise below showing the name and email id you've typed in. Click on the blue-highlighted name pop-up, and it will fill in the email addresses into the Recipient or CC/BCC field.

Step: 08

For creating *.vcf file (vCard data format), please use this online application. Copy one or more email addresses from your mail program and paste them into the text field below. Each email address must follow the format First Last <me@example.com> with each address separated by a comma.

For convert online plain text-to-vCard email address list, please follow the below given link:


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