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Create list segments on the basis of previous campaign performances

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Last updated: 08 Jan, 2016
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EmailConnect lets you segment your mailing lists on the basis of performance of previous campaigns for the email ids present in the list.

  1. To set up this, go to Lists tab and click on the list you wish to segment.

  2. In the List Options on left pane, click on Segments.

  3. Here you click on Create Segment link.

  4. Next provide a name for the segment and click the drop down list Add new rule in Segment Rules. Then select Opened in Based on activity group within the drop down options.

  5. Now in the Open options you select Total opened or any specific campaigned opened at least 1 times. Then click Create Segment button.

  6. The segment will be created as bellow.

  7. Now you can select this segment while creating a new Campaign and send mails to it.

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