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Creating VPN connection from Windows 7 PC

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Last updated: 20 May, 2011
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1. Login to your Desktop PC and in the Start Menu bar Right Click on Network icon.

2. Now click on “Open Network and Sharing Center”.


3. In the next screen click on "Set up a new connection or network".

4. Select "Connect to a Workplace" and click NEXT.


5. Select "New Connection" and click NEXT.


6. Now click on "Use my Internet Connection".

7. Now set the below information and click NEXT.

Internet address: pptpvpn.dal01.softlayer.com
Destination Name: softlayer
Use this connection for all user.


8. Now enter Username and Password and click on Connect.


9. Skip the connection and go to Start > Run and type "ncpa.cpl" and click OK.


10. Right click on the Connection named Softlayer and click on Properties.


11. In the Properties page click on Networking tab and select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)", then click on Properties.


12. Click on Advance button.

13. Now uncheck "Use default gateway on remote network" and click on OK. And click on OK in all open windows.


14. In the desktop start menu bar click (left) on Network icon and select the connection named softlayer, click on connect.


15. In the next window click on Connect.



16. You are now connected to Softlayer VPN, for checking open the Command Prompt and run "ipconfig", you will find a Class A (10.X.X.X) IP has been assigned to your PC.

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