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Deleting emails from Horde Webmail

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Last updated: 04 Aug, 2017
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Deleting emails from horde webmail individually.

Step: 01

1. For deleting emails from horde webmail at first login to the webmail by http://webmail.yourdomainname.com link to access the mail in online and give the respective user id and password in required field.

Step: 02

2. Click on the Mail tab and select the folder that contains the large number of messages, from where we can delete the specific emails which are unwanted to us by selecting the check box next to the emails.

3. Now select the Delete option for temporary delete the selected emails as mentioned in picture.

Step: 03

4. And for the permanently delete there is a "Purge Deleted" option on the right hand side of the webmail.

Deleting all emails from horde webmail at a time.

Step: 01

1. For deleting all emails from horde webmail at a time, first you will need to right click on the INBOX folder and click on Empty button from the menu.

Step: 02

2. Now you will receive a notification that you are deleting all messages in the Inbox. To confirm, please click on OK.

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