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Export Mailbox from mailstore to outlook

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Last updated: 07 Oct, 2016
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Exporting particular Mailbox from Diadem Mail store to outlook (Mail archiving):

Assuming that you have already logged in to Mail Store, if you still struck in login please do check the given below link for login to Mail Store:
1. Click on Export E-mail
2. Now click on email clients, here you will get the list of email clients where you will be able to export the .pst file, these are the supported mail applications where the archived backups can be exported.
3. Click on Microsoft Outlook.
4. Now you need to select the particular mailbox you want to transfer.


5.  Please do select the PST file or create a new pst file from where you want to restore.
6. Enter the name of your settings, as you can run with this settings whenever you want to transfer this particular mailbox to the same account.

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