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How to bind custom domain via CNAME or A record

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Last updated: 16 Aug, 2017
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How to bind custom domain via CNAME

1. Log in to your domain registrar and add canonical name (CNAME) for the preliminary bought external domain so it points to your Jelastic environment (env_name.{hoster_domain}).

www.diademtest.com       CNAME       jelasticproject2-clone834150.diadem.cloud

2. Next, switch to the Jelastic dashboard and click the Settings button for the environment you need to bind this domain.


3. Within the automatically selected Custom domains menu tab, use the Domain binding section to specify your domain name (e.g. www.diademtest.com) and Bind it with the corresponding button.


How to bind custom domain via A record

To get this IP, expand your application server (load balancer) layer and use Additionally button to see your node Public IP address (the second one).

Now you can add this IP address to your DNS panel or Domain control panel.

diademtest.com             A     <Public IP address>
www.diademtest.com    A     <Public IP address>

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