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How to install Wordpress through Plesk

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Last updated: 08 Aug, 2017
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The following article explains the steps install Wordpress through Plesk to that particular domain on client side.

1. Then login into Plesk control panel of your website.

2. Then go to 'Subscription' panel from left side task bar.

3. Then go to search area at right side and search for the domain.

4. After selecting the specific domain, go to the Application panel from task bar just after the domain name specified at top.

5.Then go to Featured application.

6.Then we can see a WordPress logo appear with a Install switch.

7.Click on the drop down list. There two option appear 1.Install (Custom) , 2.Install Version. Select the first one Install (Custom).

8.Then there appear a box where the terms and agreements are written, just check the I accept the terms of License Agreement and click Next box.

Then a custom installation page appear where we have to do some little bit tasks. The tasks are given below.

9. At first go to specify the location where this web application should be installed and delete the sub directory name under the main domain

10. Go to automatically access update this app when updates are available under Update setting and check the box.

11.Go to Administrative access to the application’ under Administrative access row and set administrative username and generate the administrative password and confirm it.

12. Then go to Main configuration and give administrator’s email as password recovery email, give site name and language.

It will take the database server name automatically. We have to give the name of database where the data will store and retrieve. Then we have to give database username and database user password and confirm it. in the same manner as shown in the bellow image.

Then Wordpress installation proceed and eventually get installed to the site.

Note: The wordpress login url for the user is http://www.<DomainName>/wp_admin, login by using the admin username and admin password which we set at. We have to send to the WP admin login details to client via email.

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