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POP3 email id configure on Samsung S3 Android phone.

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Last updated: 08 Jul, 2014
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1. Please go to the Start screen, for configure an POP3 email id on Samsung Android S3 phone. Please choose Email from Apps.


2. Now please enter your full email address (example@yourdomain.com) in the Email field and password of your email address.

Email: Enter your email address (example@yourdomain.com).
Password: Enter the password for your email address.

3. Choose Manual Setup.

4. Now select your account type. Please tap POP3 account.


5. Incoming mail server:

User Name: Your email address (example@yourdomain.com).
Password: The password for your email address.

POP3 Server: Enter your incoming mail server. Your incoming mail server is mail.(your domain name). So, for example, if your domain name were example.com, your incoming mail server would be mail.yourdomain.com.

Security type: None.

Port: 110

Delete email from server: Never (you can set as you wish)

Now please tap Next and input the settings for the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP).

6. Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

SMTP Server: Enter your ougtoing mail server. Your outgoing mail server is the same as your incoming mail server (mail.yourdomain.com).

Security type: None.

Port: 25

Now please tap Next.


7. Press the drop down list below for the email Sync schedule and press Manual or the required period.

8. Press Notify me when email arrives to turn the function on or off.

9. Press the field below Give this account a name (Optional) and key in the required name.

10. Press the field below Your name (Displayed on outgoing messages) and key in the required sender name.

11. Now the e-mail account has been configured, and is ready for use.

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