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Plesk 12 File Manager Features

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Last updated: 04 Aug, 2017
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Steps to archive file by plesk file manager: 

First log in to you plesk control panel using plesk username and password.

From the Files tab choose the file you want to archive then from more option choose the option Add to Archive.

Once your archiving is completed you can download the file using FTP.

Extract files by file manager: 

To extract a archived file select the file then choose the option Extract Files.

A new window will open, choose the option Replace existing files then click on ok.

Creating new files or directories.

You can create files or directories by choosing the option Create New Files to create files and by choosing the option Create New Directory.

A new window will open, please put your directory or file name then click on ok.

Uploading files by file manager.

To upload files choose the option Upload Files.

A new window will open, now choose your file to upload then click on Open.

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