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Setting Alert regarding Resource Limit Overuse on Plesk 12

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Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015
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There are many cases where due to overuse of traffic limit or disk space the site gets disabled.To counter this issue there is an option in plesk which enables us to inform the user of the overuse.



  Login into the Plesk Control Panel click on the "Account" tab then click on "My Profile".





Now select "Use an external e-mail address" and write the "E-mail address" (Preferable not from this domain) in the adjacent box where you will receive the overuse alert and click "OK" to save it.





Now your Profile is updated. After this you send us a mail to support@diadem.co.in from the e-mail address which are you set on your profile asking us enable the notification alert. Assigning of the E-mail address is  very vital, because when your domain gets suspended you will receive a mail mentioning the overuse.

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